UTÖPIA is an Eco Hub and an association in Saint-Barthélemy, founded in 2017 by Philippe Combres and Jenny Mannerheim. UTÖPIA is a non-profit cultural organization that works to raise funds and raise awareness about environmental protection and the health of the local community in Saint-Barthélemy by organizing artist residencies, major exhibitions, and charitable events focused on the environment and ocean protection.
Utöpia's mission is to pave the way for a greener St. Barth by engaging both the local and international community, and by funding businesses and organizations so they can adopt more environmentally friendly practices and make conscious choices that benefit both the environment and the wellness of the local community.
We believe that through collective efforts and innovative thinking, we can transform our island into a model of sustainability and environmental stewardship.
Utöpia offers a program, dynamic initiatives, and financial assistance, ranging from educational workshops and awareness campaigns to consulting services and the procurement of equipment for businesses looking to adopt more eco-innovative practices.
Collaboration is at the core of Utöpia's approach, forging strong partnerships with committed sponsors and patrons, along with local stakeholders, the government, and environmental organizations.
Welcome to UTÖPIA, an Eco Hub where dreams of a sustainable future come true.
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