Gianni Motti

Mostly known for interventions designed to highlight the contradictions that inform contemporary society, Gianni Motti’s practice has questioned authority at every turn over the years by fully exploiting humour’s potentials as a truth- revealing weapon. This is the spirit that prompted him to replace the Indonesian delegate at the 53rd session of ONU’s Commission of Human Right in 1997, to sit in the VIP tribune of Paris’ Roland Garros with a bag over his head in 2004 at the time of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, or to walk the 27 km that compose the LHC underground tunnel of CERN in 2005 in an attempt to challenge the speed of the beams running through the accelerator. His intelligent irony, coupled with a remarkably fresh perspective of the outsider variety, has also been extended to the dynamics that characterize the art system.