Julio Le Parc

Julio Le Parc is an Argentine artist based in Paris, working within contemporary Op art and kinetic art. Le Parc’s work is best known for its modern sense of movement and color, within his pieces Le Parc creates labyrinth-like spaces that depict geometric abstraction and illusion. Inspired by the Arte Concreto-Invencion and Spaziliasmo movement in his youth, the artist studied three dimensional art, movement, and light in Paris. He began to develop a series of distinctive works relating to light and its movement and created pieces that had been considered avant-garde, innovative, and daring from the time they were created. In 1966 Le Parc won the Grand International Prize for painting at the Venice Biennale and has since become a central figure in Argentinian modern art. He has gone on to exhibit his works worldwide in renowned institutions such as the Museum Ludwig, the Tate, and the Centre Pompidou.