Lola Montes Schnabel

Nature, fluidity, ritual, and sensuality are at the core of Lola Montes Schnabel’s work. Through the mediums of painting, ceramics, photography, and film, Schnabel creates work based on the intuitive and spiritual act of storytelling. Native to New York, the artist now resides in Sicily, Italy and creates work that is highly inspired by her surroundings, while retaining an innate intimacy with her subject matter. Liquid lines and rich earthy tones of color define her multidisciplinary art, these qualities take shape in the rugged landscape of the Italian island and reverberate throughout her body of work. Some of her most notable pieces include paintings on tile made from the volcanic ash and clay of the Sicilian Mount Etna, which transform when fired. Schnabel now serves on the Anthology Film Archives board of advisors and continues to collaborate in projects that span across mediums of sound, design, and film.