All Beings Are Interconnected

Nadia Yaron
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Nadia Yaron is a sculptor born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1978 and raised in Long Island then Brooklyn. She is currently based in upstate New York where she sculpts with wood, stone, and metal to reflect simplicity, impermanence, and fragility. She often stacks her individual sculptures to create a feeling of harmony alongside imbalance, an apt reminder of how delicate our world is. She embraces the unity of opposites and believes in universal balance. Her sculptural landscapes are an attempt at physically embodying and making permanent the everchanging landscapes around us. Nadia is self-taught and develops her own language around her implements and mediums. She uses chainsaws, axes and hand carving tools to achieve her desired textures.  Honoring the beauty of nature by embracing the perfection and inherent truth of its natural materials. Her work extends her belief in treading lightly and taking care.

Nadia Yaron
Upcycled Fabric
90 cm x 145 cm