Boards In The Barn

Tony Caramanico
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Tony Caramanico, world renown surfer and artist, stages an exhibition of art at Summum Gallery St Barth. Caramanico is an American artist, living and working in Montauk, New York. His pieces are fragments and collages of journal entries that span decades, piecing together experiences and documenting life through the nomadic lens of the surfer. The artist’s works are a collage-style collection of journal entries made over forty years in a variety of different mediums, from surfboards to flags to more traditional canvases. Caramanico himself states, “I felt like I was documenting a lifestyle that few people cared about from the 70s to the 90s.”, themes of this lifestyle and the evolution of his practice of record keeping are present throughout the pieces in the exhibition. A vibrant artist show at the Summum gallery space, which has a history of exhibiting prominent and exciting artists.

One of two special flag editions, made in recycled ocean waste, and produced in collaboration with Utöpia, ’74, and Summum Gallery for the exhibition Something By The Sea, in partnership with Art Saint Barth, L’Officiel St Barth, and Utöpia.

Tony Caramanico
Upcycled Fabric
90 cm x 145 cm