Linear Moment

Ximena Alarcón
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Ximena Alarcón is a French-Mexican artist who works and shares her time between Peru, Mexico and France. Her first studies were in Fashion design; subsequently she earned a Masters degree at the Marangoni Institute of Milan. On returning to Mexico her interests turned to sculpture and the plastic arts. In 2002, she opened her first workshop in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris devoted mainly to designing jewelry in a sculpture-spacial mode, as seen in the XAC project, on which she still works to the day. Her sculpture explores the notion of space and movement in geometric and organic terms. Her installations, objects and works on paper, raise questions on sociopolitical themes as gender condition, social inequalities, racism, and empathy. She has exhibited in Mexico at: the Fundación Sebastián, the Pablo Goebel Gallery, the INCMNSZ in Mexico City, as well as the Santo Domingo Cultural Center of Oaxaca, Mexico. In Peru at: the Alliance Française of Lima and the British Institute of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima. Her work now constitutes part of the Fundación Sebastián Collection and private collections in Mexico, Spain, Sweden, France, United States and Peru.

Ximena Alarcón
Upcycled Fabric
90 cm x 145 cm