Touch and a Kiss

Seçkin Pirim
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Seçkin Pirim (b.1977, Ankara) is an artist living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. His conceptual sculptures explore form, color, and pattern. Working in a variety of media, his artworks examine the relationship between object and space, the dichotomy between nature and culture, and the line between art and design. His sculptures are neo-minimalist forms of expression as well as contemporary strategies of art and design. They create an aesthetic that exists outside of social connotation and suggests a post-futurist, post-constructivist and post-minimal vision of our world. His work, combining computer generated and manually constructed elements, blends the precision of modern technology with the deep resonance and patience borne of handcrafting, resulting in a complex yet satisfyingly contemplative viewing experience.

Seçkin Pirim
Upcycled Fabric
90 cm x 145 cm